Brexit has happened…but we’re #StillEuropean | #ThankEU

Well, here we are. At 11pm on 31st January, we left the EU. Of course, Brexit is far from ‘done’, no matter what Mr Johnson says. This is merely the beginning of the transition period, and as we’re already seeing, the continuation of blaming the EU for everything that the electorate might not like, such as the major cuts coming our way despite the promises that austerity would end, such as the fishing and farming industries not getting what they were promised, such as the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK that Johnson insisted wouldn’t exist…and the list goes on.

But, on Friday 31st January, we at Best for Doncaster decided to celebrate all the wonderful advantages that nearly five decades of EU membership had brought us, by holding a #ThankEU party with European food, drink and music.

Our treasurer, Andrew Horsfield, gave a speech, which we livestreamed on our Facebook page:

Andrew speaking – click to view on Facebook

Then our chair, Frederika Roberts, gave a speech, which was also livestreamed on Facebook.

Frederika speaking – if you need subtitles, you can switch closed captions on when viewing on YouTube

The atmosphere was jovial, despite the circumstances, and aside from a few emotional moments as we sang Ode to Joy (in German and in English) at 11pm, we had fun and shared much laughter.

Singing Ode to Joy in German
Ode to Joy – in English, with the Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir lyrics

We were also filmed for ITV Calendar News while setting up at 6pm. Our chair, Frederika Roberts, was interviewed, and you’ll see Vice-Chair Giulia Savini in the background sporting a dashing bEUret, as well as Simon Roberts and Lynette Chipp 🙂

Best for Doncaster on ITV Calendar News

Despite our best efforts, Brexit has happened, but we are still here and we still have a lot of work to do!

Join us, as we work with the European Movement and all the grassroots groups nationally to hold the government to account, to protect citizens’ rights, and when the time is right, to rejoin the EU.