Caroline Flint Petition | Stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Today, campaigners from Best for Doncaster were in Tickhill, in Caroline Flint’s Constituency, to collect signatures for a petition urging the Don Valley MP to do everything in her power to prevent a “no deal” Brexit.

Some signatories, like Trevor, also chose to send Caroline a video message:

The petition was also launched online a few days ago.

In a tweet today, Caroline Flint accused us of being dishonest with our petition and asked us to send it to her so she can respond to each signatory.  It’s a petition – of course we’re sending it to her, and yes, signatories have a right to expect a response.


Caroline Flint Tweet accusing Best for Doncaster of Dishonest Petition


As a response from us would have required multiple tweets, we are responding in this blog post instead, and will be tweeting it to her.

Our response to Caroline Flint:


We clearly state in our petition that you have always said that you respect the result of the referendum but that you didn’t want a “no deal” Brexit.  Yet your voting record shows you voted against amendments aimed at preventing “no deal” and in June this year you told BBC’s Andrew Marr that you wouldn’t stop a “no deal” if it came to that or no Brexit.

We are simply asking you to do what is right for your constituents and the country and do everything you can to prevent a “no deal” Brexit.

Of course we’ll send you the petition; that’s how petitions work! And those of us who are your constituents and have signed it look forward to your response.  It would be good to see some honesty and integrity at this crucial time for our country and our town.

Please continue to sign and share the online petition.  We will send the paper and online signatures to her in the next few days.