Latest developments | Brexit and Best for Doncaster group

Group growth

Wow, last night we had our biggest meeting ever! The weekend, and today, have seen brilliant growth in our group.  A combination of meeting people at the big march on Sunday, and a couple of articles from opposing ends of the Brexit spectrum in the Doncaster Free Press today have resulted in growth in our online following and our members attending the meeting!

Best for Doncaster | Meeting 25th March 2019

New group Secretary

I didn’t want to wait until I circulate the minutes to express a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Ann Gilbert for putting herself forward for the role of Secretary.  She was voted in without hesitation by the group last night! Thank you, Ann, and congratulations on your appointment 🙂

New public Facebook group

In addition to our closed Facebook group, which provides a safe space for us to discuss developments and events, and have the occasional rant, amongst ourselves, we now have a public Facebook group, where we will also welcome civilised, respectful debate. We also have our Twitter account, of course.  So wherever you feel comfortable on social media, join us! 🙂

Petition signatures

We need to keep growing these (we’re now at 5.6 million signatures).  You can monitor progress of the petition here.
Please keep sharing, on- and offline, with everyone you can!  Build the excitement with screenshots of the graph going up and updates about the number of signatures, keep encouraging others to share, ask people in conversation whether they’ve heard of the petition and have signed it.  With the indicative votes in Parliament happening later this week, and further developments ahead in these next crucial weeks, giving a clear indication of the country being against Brexit is crucial.

Next meeting

Monday 8th April – location TBC, but save the date in your diary, 7-9pm

Last night’s Parliamentary votes

Tonight was another key evening of votes in Parliament:

MPs voted by a majority of 27 in support of the Letwin amendment (3 government ministers resigned in order to support this), meaning that on Wednesday, they will take control of Parliamentary business and will use the day to debate and then hold a number of indicative votes on possible alternative solutions to the current impasse.  The exact method / process of voting is still being hotly debated, and it isn’t entirely clear what exactly the alternatives will be that MPs will vote on.  For example, a People’s Vote may or may not be included – it may be felt more logical and effective to hold votes on a series of Brexit options first, then potentially have the People’s Vote option afterwards as a means of agreeing how to progress the chosen option (if there is one), or what to do next if there isn’t a clear winner.

MPs voted (narrowly – by just 3 votes) against the Beckett amendment, which stated that, if we find ourselves staring at the ‘no deal’ abyss with just 7 days to go, the government would have to give Parliament a choice on whether to go ahead with a ‘no deal’ Brexit, or ask for more time to consider alternatives.  Don’t despair…I’m pretty confident other versions of this will come up again, and perhaps be more clearly defined than “ask for more time yet again for us to waffle on a bit longer without knowing what we want”.

The government then whipped its MPs to vote against its own motion (again!) as amended by the Letwin amendment, and lost by 27 votes.

What next?

Wednesday will be an important day, though I’m not holding my breath that anything major will be decided.  We continue on this knife-edge, but although it feels dire, let’s remember how much we have achieved:

  • We are NOT leaving the EU on 29th March after being told for 2 years that we would, no matter what!
  • Everybody is talking about a People’s Vote, in the press/media, in Brexit conversations, and in Parliament
  • Everybody is now talking about whether revoking Article 50 is on the cards.  Just days ago, this was never mentioned, let alone brought up in Parliamentary debates!

So, as I know I keep saying, but it’s true: Everything is still possible, and we need to keep up our campaigning, keep our spirits up and our energy levels high.  We are getting there and we can win this – with so much at stake, we can’t afford to let up on our efforts now!

Thank you for all your support and hard work.  I am immensely proud of all of us.  We are on the right side of history and we are making a difference.