Doncaster Brexitometer and other actions | November 2018

It’s all happening very fast and we need to take action

Please note updated details in RED, below (updated 30th Nov 2018). 

Wow! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as Theresa May has brought back a deal from Brussels that nobody likes, regardless whether they are determined Brexiters or Remainers.  Even as I write this, I cannot keep up with the constant stream of news, each bringing more evidence that Brexit, ANY Brexit, is a very bad idea!

Just today:

Philip Hammond admits that all Brexit scenarios will see the UK economy shrinking

The government’s own forecasts warn that Brexit will make us poorer

The Bank of England issues stark warnings of just how bad things could get under a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Although our next meeting is on 10th December, we need to take action before then, given that Parliament is due to vote on the deal on 11th December.

Just a few days ago, Robert Peston said that he now feels Brexit will be stopped.  I agree. It’s all to play for now, and we mustn’t become complacent!

Postcards | Write to your MP | Stop Brexit | People's Vote

So, what are we doing?

  • Saturday 1st December, we’re holding another Brexitometer in Doncaster town centre.  This time, we’ll be asking people to choose between Theresa May’s Deal, No Deal, and No Brexit (those are the options even Theresa May says we have!).  Do join us if you can, either to just put your dots on the Brexitometer, or to help us speak to people.  We’ll be on Market Place, outside Primark, from 1pm to 3pm.


  • Saturday 8th December, People’s Vote are holding a day of action, which will include a national event in central Sheffield at 7pm.  Details to follow. 


  • As part of this national day of action on 8th December, Best for Doncaster will be holding a Brexitometer and Street Stall from 11am to 1pm on 8th December on Market Place, outside Primark.  Do join us if you can, either to just put the dots on the Brexitometer and have a chat with us, or to take an active part and help us speak to people.  If you’d like to participate actively, please e-mail so we can keep you updated with all the details you need. 


  • Letter-writing.  I have written a series of postcards for my MP, Caroline Flint, which I’m sending her (one per day) every day until the vote in Parliament. You can do something similar with your MP, or even just write ONE e-mail or letter.  Tell them why this matters to YOU, as their constituent.  Tell them why you want a People’s Vote, and ask them to vote down Theresa May’s deal and push for a People’s Vote.


  • Anything else you think we should do?  We may be able to organise some leafletting in your area if you are interested in doing this – please let us know (e-mail and we’ll co-ordinate, to make sure you have at least one more person going with you, and will get leaflets to you.

Remember, we CAN make a difference – look how far we’ve come! Let’s keep up our energy levels, let’s keep fighting the good fight, let’s get a People’s Vote and Stop Brexit!




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