Theresa May put ‘No Brexit’ on the table tonight

Did you spot it?  She stumbled over her words, but she said it:  There are three options, including ‘No Brexit’!

Theresa May outside no. 10 Downing Street | Brexit deal
Theresa May outside no. 10 Downing Street tonight – CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

In her very brief and cryptic statement outside No. 10 Downing Street tonight, after a long Cabinet meeting at the end of which the draft agreement between the EU and the UK appears to have been approved by Ministers, Theresa May said:

…this deal, which delivers on the vote of the Referendum, which brings back control of our money, laws and borders, ends free movement, protects jobs, security and our union,

or leave with no deal,

or lea… or no Brexit at all.

This is significant, because up until now, she has always maintained that Brexit will happen, and has insisted that there is only a choice between whatever deal she can negotiate and no deal.

It is likely that she has said this in order to warn the hard Brexiters in her Party not to vote down her deal in Parliament, or they risk losing Brexit altogether, but the fact she’s even acknowledged that as a possibility, and mentioned it in such a hotly-awaited and widely-reported speech is huge!

Cabinet may have approved her deal (for now), but it still needs to be ratified by Parliament.  It looks like she’s lost the DUP and Labour, aside from a few rebels, are unlikely to support her, either.

So, where does she go from here?  As far as I can see, there is only one way to go: A People’s Vote with the option to remain.

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