Best for Doncaster #StopBrexit Planning Meeting (June 2018)

2018-03-24 12.35.25

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Our last meeting was well-attended again and our group is growing; our work continues, because we want what is best for Doncaster, and best for the UK.

Now we have a date set up for our Brexitometer street stall, this meeting will help us plan the details.

If you want what is best for Doncaster and want to help us stop Brexit, you are very welcome to join us. All support, no matter how much or little time you have to give, is welcome.

Fabio Cosenza has kindly agreed to chair this meeting and share brief minutes afterwards.

Draft agenda

(please e-mail me at with any suggestions for additional agenda items):

  1. Review of actions from last meeting (see minutes circulated straight after the meeting)
  2. Planning our street stall (Sat 14th July): We now have some funding thanks to a generous donation. What do we need to buy with (some) of that funding? What resources do we need? Full breakdown of resources and who will get what is needed at this stage.
  3. 12th June vote – has everyone e-mailed their MP? See Fabio’s letter.
  4. Training from Charles Gibson of Best for Britain: Charles will come and provide some training at our next meeting on 9th July. Charles will chase up where Best for Britain currently stand on funding for local groups, but said that there are banners/leaflets/bunting and templates etc available on their website to download & print.
  5. Announcement from Charles at Best for Britain: Best for Britain will be launching their roadmap to stopping Brexit in Leeds on the 20th June; would be great if some people from Best for Doncaster could attend?
  6. Ant’s suggestion of a leaflet with positive info about the EU – to discuss. Good to give out to those who support our cause at our street stall?
  7. Date of next meeting: Monday 9th July 7pm-9pm usual place, to prepare resources.
  8. AOB

Please note, the room costs £20 for the two hours, and we need to make sure Lynette covers her costs for providing refreshments, too, so can you please bring a contribution towards the cost of running the event?Suggested contribution: £3/person. We keep any additional funds to start building up small amounts to use for event resources.

Please share details of this meeting far and wide! I look forward to seeing you there 🙂