#DonnyAgainstBrexit #StopBrexit planning meeting


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Last month, a sizeable group met in Doncaster for a #StopBrexit letter-writing party during which we discussed our concerns and wrote letters to our respective MPs. Following the meeting, there was interest in continuing our collaboration towards our goal of stopping Brexit.

This meeting will help us determine how we wish to go forward in terms of future meetings, actions to take etc. Come along, bring ideas, and let’s make a plan. Together, we CAN still stop this!

Draft agenda

(please e-mail me at frederikaroberts.stopbrexit@gmail.com with any suggestions for additional agenda items):

  1. Formalising the group: Name, objectives, affiliations, regular meetings, website, visuals, finances/membership (to cover cost of room etc)
  2. Next action to take
  3. Marches coming up: Great Northern March, The StopBrexit Great British March
  4. Other events to note
  5. AOB

Please note, the room costs £20 for the two hours, and we need to make sure Lynette covers her costs for providing refreshments, too, so can you please bring a contribution towards the cost of running the event? Suggested contribution: £3/person. There are £11.55 left in the kitty from last month’s contributions.

Please share details of this meeting far and wide! I look forward to seeing you there 🙂