Best for Doncaster at London People's Vote March Oct 2019
Best for Doncaster at London People’s Vote March Oct 2019

‘Best for Doncaster’ is a non-party political group, affiliated to European Movement UK, based in and around Doncaster.  We uphold the European Movement values of peace, democracy, safety, human rights, worker rights, equality, freedom of movement, partnership and collaboration, celebration of diversity and other cultures, respect and tolerance, environmental protection and economic certainty.

The group has a positive vision of Doncaster’s (and the UK’s and Europe’s) future and feel that the best way to achieve that is to uphold the above values. For the time being, this means backing a People’s Vote and aiming to stop Brexit, so that we can then focus our campaign activities on the other issues that are threatening our values and Britain’s future.

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We offer reduced membership fee at £3/year for those who are unemployed or on a low income, for students and for those aged over 65 or who are retired.

If that applies to you, please e-mail us and we will issue you with an annual recurring invoice for £3. Sorry it’s a bit convoluted, but to make it simpler would mean using your donations to dig deeper into our much-needed campaign funds to have a more sophisticated payment setup. Thank you for your understanding.


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